One of a kind and limited edition  j ewelry, fashion accessories and home goods for the individualist 

Color, shape and texture are key elements of interesting, beautiful and eye catching designs.  I use all of these elements and more to meticulously create  beautiful art jewelry, hand made hats, hand woven fashion accessories and home goods one piece at a time.

My mediums of choice are gemstones,  precious metals and natural fibers.  The results are unique objects of wearable art and home goods that are designed to bring years of delight and pride to their owners.

Everything is made by hand so no two items are identical.  Contact me to commission custom designs and inquire about my limited edition pieces. 

Simple and Elegant,

the Hallmarks of Fancy Findings

Tour our gallery of unique designs at and experience the wonder of wearable art and distinctive home goods that will lift your spirit, touch your soul and tickle your fancy.